Unexpected visitor

Unexpected visitor

This morning we had a conference call with several of the staff at the facility in Georgia. On the call were the doctor, child advocate and several other individuals who are caring for our daughter. The doctor asked us to tell her some of our concerns and observation related to our daughters behavior. We told her about the events that led up to our daughter being Baker Acted on two separate occasions.

The doctor then told us that her her diagnosis for our our daughter was Borderline Personality Disorder, Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder, ADHD and Impusive Behavior. She requested our permission to start her on a second medication and we agreed to try it if she felt it would help our child. The child advocate advised us that our daughter still had a discharge date of April 11th as of right now. We thanked the staff and the call ended. We were concerned about starting another medication, but we want to do whatever may help her.

We didn't receive a call from our daughter today because she is only allowed phone use every other day. We were looking forward to hearing from her on Friday evening. We had no other contact with the facility the rest of the day.

We had gone out for the evening and received an alert from our home security system. At 6:53 pm, the DCF investigator was at our front door once again. This was very unexpected since we had previously spent 4 hours one day and 2 hours the next with this investigator answering questions. She had previously informed us that she was going to mark the accusations against us as "Attention Seeking" by our daughter. I really see no reason that she needs to continue to show up at our home unannounced.

Lord, we are getting weary. We are emotionally drained from the situation we are facing and we need your help. Lord, please move in our favor and allow the truth to prevail and the investigation to end. Lord, keep you protective hand on our daughter and help her to get well. Lord, visit our daughter as she sleeps and remind her she is loved unconditionally. Soften her heart Lord and help her. In Jesus name, Amen.