Therapy planning

Therapy planning

On Wednesday, as soon as we arrived at church for dinner, our daughter called my wife. She was upset due to a therapy session where she said that the doctor asked her a bunch of questions and she felt as though he was twisting her answers. My wife spoke with her until her time was up.

On Thursday, we received a call from the local therapist requesting records from all of the facilities our daughter had been to recently. We started making calls and obtaining the necessary forms to get her records released and sent to the local therapist. My wife called the Georgia facility and was able to speak briefly to our daughter. She kept wanting us to assure her that she was going to be discharged on April 11th as planned. We told her that all communication we had received from the staff said that she would be released on that date.

Today, we received an email from the facility stating that they had done the last evaluation and had sent it in to our insurance company to get approval for coverage up until April 11th. She advised me that she would not hear back from the insurance company until Monday April 4th. She also advised us that we would have our last family session on Sunday April 3rd with our daughter via video.

This afternoon, my wife and I had an appointment with the local therapist. We wanted to see the facility and have a session ourselves to explain what we have been experiencing over the past few months. The session went well, we discussed the treatment plan and set up her first appointment for the day after she returned home, which was April 12th. We also scheduled her psych evaluation and medication management appointments. We left our appointment feeling good about the facility, staff and treatment plan that was outlined. We have completed all of the requirements needed on our end to be ready for our daughter come home.

This evening, our daughter called and was very upset. She was crying and said that we needed to get her out of that place right now and if we didn't drive to Georgia and get her immediately, she would never forgive us. She said that there were three fights that broke out in her unit and everyone had to go into lockdown. She said that she hadn't even started to eat her dinner and she was unable to get to eat after the fighting incidents. My wife attempted to calm her down by validating her frustration with the facility and explained to her that we were still on track for discharge April 11th. My wife calmly explained to her that she was under the care of the doctors there and we couldn't drive up there and take her from the facility. She continued to get angry and then hung up on my wife. We were sad that she was having a tough day and that she couldn't understand the position we were in. We hope that the remaining days go well for her and that she doesn't hold a grudge against us for not getting her out prior to the 30 days.

Lord, thank you for the many blessings you have given our family. Although things haven't been easy, you have been by our side through these trials. Lord, thank you for keeping our daughter safe inside this facility which is prone to some violence. It is tough to hear our little girl cry, but we know you will keep her safe. Lord, help her not to resent us for doing what we feel is best for her. Lord, wrap your loving arms around her tonight and let her know you are by her side. In Jesus name, Amen.