God is the great way maker

God is the great way maker

Over the past several weeks, we have emailed and called countless people to advocate for our daughter. These are just a few of the places we have spoken with over the past two weeks.

  • Residential Care Facility
  • Florida Simply Health Behavioral Health Case Manager III
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Appeals
  • Youth Services Lead NW Region
  • Regional Child & Youth Care Coordinator for Substance Abuse & Mental Health
  • Youth Care Coordinator for Circuit 14
    Panhandle Behavioral Services, LLC
  • Team Lead, Behavioral Health Case Management
  • MS |Non-Custodial Prevention Services Specialist-TN Childrens Services
  • MPS | Program Manager/DCA-TN Childrens Services
  • Department of Human Services, Oregon
  • Tennessee Health Connection
  • Tenn-Care Solutions, TN
  • Tennessee Medicaid
  • Florida Chief Financial Officer
  • Health Trust Financial Insurance

This morning, I received a call from Tennessee Children's Services responding to an email I sent. I was given a few names of people to call in TN regarding our situation. I ended up on the phone with Tennessee Medicaid. They said that our daughter was in the system, but they weren't sure who initiated her application. It turns out that due to an email I sent to the Department of Human Services in Oregon, the case manager that handled our adoption 13 years ago started the ball rolling with Tennessee Medicaid. The woman at TN Medicaid said that while we were talking on the phone, our daughter had been approved. She said that we should be all set for TN Medicaid to take over upon the BCBS coverage ending. My wife and I were extremely relieved. Just then, I received a follow up email from the TN Children's Services stating that our daughter had TN Medicaid, effective 7/1/2022.

I immediately called the residential facility where our daughter is staying to inform the Clinical Director. We advised her that our daughter could continue her needed therapy without fear of insurance coverage being an obstacle. She then advised me that there would still be a period of time in which Medicaid would need to review my daughter's clinical notes and approve her coverage at the facility. She advised me that this could take between 7-14 days and because of that, I needed to pay the facility $6320 by this Friday, July 22nd or they would be discharging our daughter Monday morning. I told her that I didn't understand why I should pay when Medicaid just informed me we were covered, effective 7/1/22. She said that was just the way it is and I needed have the payment in by the end of business Friday.

I then called back the Medicaid department who said that we were covered. I also spoke with Tenn-Care Solutions that handles the Medicaid and they said we were covered. I immediately reached out to my two contacts at the Tennessee Children's Services to see if they could intervene in the premature discharge of our daughter from the facility. I also reached back our to the Department of Human Services in Oregon since they initiated the TN Medicaid application and handled the adoption. We learned that a state that facilitates and adoption has a duty to ensure a child has medical care until age 18 and they seem to have a great deal of influence.

Tomorrow I will follow up with my contacts in Tennessee and Oregon to see if they can put a stop to our daughter being discharged. The way I see it, we have done a great deal of work to get things to this point. Now that our daughter has TN Medicaid, the facility should work directly with them.

Lord, we thank you for your favor in this matter. The things that seem impossible to us are easy for you to overcome, if we remain faithful. Lord, keep your hand on our daughter and help her get well. Remind her each day of your love and grace. Keep her safe until she comes home to us. In Jesus name, Amen.