Some cause for concern

Some cause for concern

This morning, my wife called the DCF investigator to see why she had come to our home the prior evening. She told us that she had gone to the local facility and was told that our daughter had been discharged, so she came to our home to check on her. The local facility failed to inform her that our daughter had been transferred to Georgia. She also had our daughters sketch book that she planned to return to us. She asked us for the information of the facility where our daughter had been transferred, so we gave it to her.

At around 10:30 am, we received a call from the doctor, following up on the medication recommendation from the previous day. I also called the facility around noon to check on our daughter since she was not allowed to call us the prior evening. They said she was doing well and had no behavioral issues. We were wondering why we had not yet had a "Family Session" which would consist of a conference call with our daughter, a therapist and us.

At around 5:00 pm, we received the call we had been expecting from our daughter. During the call, she told us the following, in her words:

She said she has not had any therapy yet and that she feels she isn’t being helped. She also told us that she is in a unit with some very scary girls and was even roomed with a sexually aggressive girl who shouldn’t even have a roommate. She said whatever brochures or website we looked at is fake because this place is horrible.

We know our daughter has been dishonest, but as parents, we want to check into things. We are at a place where we can’t tell if she is being honest or not, but her concerns have us concerned. I emailed the Child Advocate with our concerns and will follow up tomorrow with a phone call.

Lord, please keep our daughter safe. If there is truly a cause for concern as our daughter states, please reveal it to us. Lord, we want our daughter to get well, but her safety is our top priority. Lord, it is my job to protect my family and I need you to help me do just that. Give me wisdom and direction in this situation. In Jesus name, Amen.