Praising God for the small victories

Praising God for the small victories

I want to say how thankful I am to all of our friends and family who have been praying for my daughter and checking in on us. There is power in prayer!

Today around noon, I called the mental health facility to get an update. The nurse told me that there had been no bad behavior from my daughter all morning. This was great news and we thanked God for a sign that things may be getting better. All day I kept thinking we were finally on the path to recovery. We decided to call again in the evening for an update on the rest of the day.

Kelly and I had decided that if today and tomorrow went well that we would ask her doctor about visitation. We also wanted to see if we could meet with the doctor in person before the weekend, since he was very difficult to understand on the phone. We are still concerned about our daughter returning home. We want to make sure our home is safe for her, both physically and spiritually. We are working to set up some local counseling so that we have a good follow up plan.

Around 6pm tonight, I spoke with the nurse for an evening update. She told me that my daughter had been well behaved all day with no outbursts. This was a big change from the day prior. We learned that she had completed the necessary assignments to get her recreation time restored. We were so relieved that she had an entire day without any negative incidents.

Lord, thank you for helping my daughter with her behavioral issues. I praise you for the good report we received today and I thank you in advance for many good reports to come. Lord, by faith I thank you for restoring our daughter to us and returning her home so that we can heal as a family. Thank you Lord for giving Kelly and I strength to navigate this time in our lives. Help us to continue to be strong and give you praise for each day. In Jesus name, Amen.