Reading, calling and praying

Reading, calling and praying

Last night, I called the facility to speak with our daughter, I was told they were out at recreation and they would have her call me back. I went to church and was thankful to be around my church family, many of who have been checking on my wife and I regularly. I never received a call from her on Wednesday.

Today, I received an email from the facility conforming that our daughter has a tentative discharge date of April 11th. The email also stated that the doctor treating our daughter recommends PHP and Outpatient therapy upon discharge. I had to lookup PHP which stands for (Partial Hospitalization Program). We have been trying to get an appointment with a local therapist prior to our daughter being discharged, but have been having some difficulty. I just received another email today from a local therapist who is not accepting new patients. We will continue making calls.

As far as the Partial Hospitalization Program, this was something we were not aware would be required. I really don't know what is involved, so we will make some calls tomorrow and see how we get that set up. One obstacle we have found is that most of the therapists don't file insurance and their fees can range from $150-$190 per hour. We know that we need to get something set up as soon as possible, April 11th isn't very far away.

Our house has been very quiet since our daughter has been gone and we miss her. We are trying to learn all we can and get an appointment with a therapist so that we can meet prior to our daughter coming home. We need to know how to best handle things when she gets home. We have been reading some great books on Borderline Personality Disorder. The resources we have found are very informative and very terrifying. There are stories that are documented from parents of teens my daughters age, 14. Some teens that have BPD often have behavior such as running away, drinking alcohol, sex, and drugs. These are commonly documented impulsive behaviors among teens with BPD. As parents, we are terrified. These are all of the things we have spent our adults lives protecting our children from.

We know that we can't do this alone and will need God to help us through this journey. Although I would do anything to protect my children, I know that I need to put her safety and wellbeing in God's hands. I have faith that He will deliver her from this disorder.

Lord, thank you for loving me and being willing to bear my burdens. I can't carry the weight of this on my own. As my father, I know that you want me to depend on you, because you love me. I place this situation in your hands, Lord, help our daughter navigate this time in her life and let things get easier each day. Lord, soften her heart and help her to find peace in you alone. In Jesus name, Amen.