On the right path

On the right path

Last Monday started with my wife and I making call after call regarding the medical coverage for our daughter, we made little progress. We could not get anyone at the facility to confirm that they had submitted the claim required by the insurance company. I admit I was getting frustrated, I was being told "I think it was submitted". If you know me, you know that an answer like that just doesn't work for me. I needed a definitive answer that yes, it had been submitted and a date. The best I could get was that it had been submitted, but nobody could tell me when. At that time it was around 2 pm and we had given the facility our word that we would self pay for our daughters treatment, until insurance kicked in. I made the call and made a payment on the phone. It was frustrating to make that payment, knowing good and well that we had coverage effective July 1st. Our daughters treatment is very important to us, so we will do whatever it takes.

On Tuesday, we had a good video visitation with our daughter and she seemed to be doing well. We had asked her therapist not to let our daughter know that there were issues with the insurance and that we were paying out of pocket, we didn't want her to feel guilty. On Tuesday, we hit the ground running again, but the insurance company had not yet been able to see the claim in their system. When the end of the day approached, we called and paid the daily rate for her treatment.

On Wednesday, we had our family session via video with our daughter and her therapist. The session went very well and we participated in a fun exercise to open lines of communication. The entire session went well and my wife and I were pleased to have some good conversation with our daughter.

Thursday morning as soon as we woke up, my wife logged into the insurance portal and was able to see that the residential claim had been filed. We later learned that this did not yet mean the insurance company would agree to pay for her treatment. Thursday evening, I received a called from a person who was tasked with completing the assessments for the insurance company. She said that in most cases, she has 6-10 pages of records to review for an average assessment. She said in our case, she had well over 100 pages of documents. These were the documents I had digitized from all of the places she had been since February and faxed to all parties involved in our daughters treatment. She said the she would be submitting her assessment and the insurance company would determine if they would pay for her treatment.

We will call Monday to see if we can expedite the approval process now that we know the assessment is completed.