Missed deadline

Missed deadline

On Friday morning, I recieved a phone call from the Tennessee Department of Child Services telling me our daughter had been assigned a healthcare provider. She advised me that it was United Healthcare, which was good because they had a contract with the residential facility. We were still not able to get a member ID.

My wife and I began calling United Health Care to expedite the process. While making countless calls to get insurance info, I began getting calls from the facility demanding money. I told them I was still working on getting the insurance info. After several hours of calls, we had a member number. I was excited to call the facility and prodide them with the new info. I was advised that they still couldn't access it in the system and that I needed to pay $3120 by 4:30pm or our daughter would be discharged Monday. She said that if I wasn't at the facility Monday when she was discharged, the facility would call Child Services and report that I had abandonded my child. She said the next step would be that they would then evaluate our daughter and send her to a short term acute facility. This would not only disrupt her treatment, but also cause her bed to be give away.

I told the administrator that I had been very patient, but that I was getting frustrated. I told her that she was not to remove my child from the facility under any circumstances. I told her I would be in touch at 8am Monday morning and that I was confident that the insurance paperwork we be in order.

By the end of the day, I was mentally exhausted and so was my wife. That night, I asked God to take over because we had done everything possible could and were weary.

We will begin the calls again at 8am and try to resolve this issue.