Lord, we need a breakthrough

Lord, we need a breakthrough

Yesterday started out ok, we all got up and went to church without any issues. After church, we stopped by our house to grab some things before heading to my mother-in-laws for dinner. While at home, my daughter asked if the boy next door could come with us to her nana's and play basketball will her and my son. Since her behavior had been good thus far, we said yes.

Once at my mother-in-laws, we agreed to let the kids go down the street to the basketball court and play while dinner was cooking. There were no issues the rest of the afternoon and things seemed to be going well. After dinner we headed home and I was anticipating another issue at bedtime.

Around 8 pm, our daughter said she needed me to take her to town to get shampoo, deodorant and a new toothbrush. She insisted that I take her right then. I told her that we had a brand new bottle of shampoo and that she had 2 sticks of deodorant in her bathroom drawer. I also told her that her sister was already at the store and could pick up a toothbrush for her, but she refused to accept that.She told me that she wanted to pick out her own toothbrush/shampoo and that both sticks of deodorant were brands that didn't work for her, she wanted Old Spice deodorant. She began screaming that she felt gross and needed a shower, but would not take one unless I took her to the store. I told her that we had the necessary items needed far a shower and I was no going to the store. She stormed around the house screaming for the next hour, slamming doors, etc.

At 9 pm, I told her it was time for bed, she said she wasn't going to bed until she got done with putting away her clothes. She continued to say she needed a shower, but in the next breathe refused to take one because she didn't have shampoo, deodorant and a toothbrush. I reminded her that there was a brand new bottle of shampoo that I had placed on the counter for her, but she said she wanted her own shampoo. Our son was in bed attempting to sleep, but once again was disrupted by her behavior. I heard him tell her to be quiet and she creamed at him to "shut up".

Around 9:45 pm, while sorting her clothes (still fully dressed with shoes on) she began screaming about a pair of jeans that were missing. She asked us if we knew where a specific pair of jeans were. We explained to her that we had no idea and since she had been gone for 2 months, it would likely take some time to locate them. She insisted that they be found immediately and began storming through the house screaming and slamming doors. Then she started once again screaming that she felt gross and wanted a shower, but couldn't take one because she had no shampoo and I didn't take her to the store.

At around 10:30 pm, I set the security alarm and my wife and I went to bed. At that time, our daughter was still in the bathroom digging through drawers, etc.

Lord, this chaos in our home is becoming unbearable. Help us to get past this stage of disruptive behavior. Lord, help me to control my anger and desire to always have control of every situation in our home. Lord, help Kelly and I draw closer to you and closer to each other during this trial. Lord, help our daughter with her behavioral issues and let her have peace in her mind. In Jesus name, Amen.