Lord, I trust in you to provide

Lord, I trust in you to provide

Yesterday I made some phone calls and setup a therapy session locally for my wife and I. We wanted the opportunity to speak with the therapist prior to our daughter having her first appointment. We were informed that the therapy would be $135 per session if billed through insurance and because we have not yet met our deductible, we would need to pay that amount until the deductible is met. Our individual deductibles are $4500 per family member. She said that if we opted for "self-pay" it would be $85 per session, but that none of that money would count towards our deductible. She also advised us that they would require a psychiatric evaluation of their own and could not accept one from the Georgia facility. She advised me that the evaluation was $200. We told her that we wanted to proceed with scheduling our first appoint for this Friday.

Later in the day, we were working in the yard while waiting for our daughter to call. She called around 5 pm and the call went well. During the call, the investigator from DCF arrived to get an update and drop off our daughters sketch book, which had been left at the local facility upon her transfer to Georgia. We both took turns speaking with our daughter and with the DCF investigator. After the call, the DCF investigator said she would setup some in-home sessions so that we wouldn't need to go to town for the Partial Hospitalization Program. She was pleased that we had been keeping her updated and said she would stop by once our daughter was home to wrap up her investigation and close it out.

Today, I received a message from the company that transported our daughter to Georgia. They said we had an outstanding balance of $2,600. I asked if anything had been covered by insurance and she said that they don't file insurance. She said that I would have had to obtained a pre-authorization by my insurance. I advised her that shortly before the transport, I was asked to provide my insurance info so that the transport company could bill them and I would be notified of any outstanding balance that may remain. I was fairly certain that my insurance would cover it since they had covered the previous ambulance transports. She said that the balance was my responsibility, so I told her I would need to work on a solution to get it taken care of.

We were also notified today by the facility in Georgia that this Friday, April 1st the facility would request the last 7 days coverage to get us to the tentative discharge date of April 11th. She said that the insurance company authorizes residential treatment in 7 day increments and there is the possibility that they could refuse this last portion. She said that if they did refuse, we would need to drive to Georgia and pick her up on Saturday, April 2nd. We will not know until Friday whether discharge will be the 11th or the 2nd. We will leave it up to God to work out what is best, according to His will.

The facility provided us with a family exercise that we need to do with our daughter on the next call. They also gave us a "Safety Plan" that she must agree to prior to discharge. We were vey happy to get this plan, it will help reinforce rules that we feel are important and necessary. Some of the rules include:

  • Youth will never be left alone at home regardless of the circumstances.
  • Youth will only utilize technology (phone, computer, tablet) when supervised.
  • Youth will attend all therapy and medication management appointments as scheduled and take all medications as prescribed. Guardians will perform mouth checks to ensure youth is complying with daily medication administration. Medications will always be secured.
  • If youth becomes violent, the family will immediately contact the authorities and hold her accountable for her actions.
  • If youth engages in self-injurious behaviors, parents will call 911, mobile crisis, and /or take to ER

There are a total of 12 rules in all, the above are just a few. We are eager to have our child home, but do fear some of the chaos that may occur. My wife and I have agreed that we will work together to make our home as peaceful as possible. We will do our best to provide the care our daughter needs so she can get past this stage in her life before she is an adult. We want her to thrive, get married and have a beautiful family of her own some day.

Lord, I speak blessings over our daughters life. Lord, I pray that she will one day find a Godly man who will adore her and be a great provider for her. I pray that our daughter will one day have children of her own and that her children will be a great blessing to her. Lord, please spare our daughter from having to deal any of the difficulties we are currently dealing with. Lord, bless our daughter and the family we hope she has one day. In Jesus name, Amen.