Long-term care in sight

Long-term care in sight

Last Friday, the day after our daughter ran away and cut herself to the point she was transported to the hospital by EMS, our daughter was transported to Pensacola, FL. She was admitted to a mental health hospital there and we were told she would be there for 3-5 days. We were relieved that she was safe and we had a few days to make some calls to locate a long-term facility. The downside was that it was Friday and the following weekend was a holiday weekend. We made all the calls we could on Friday and once 5 pm rolled around, we switched to emailing all the facilities we could find. We wanted to at least have some inquiries out so we could get follow up calls on Monday or Tuesday.

On Saturday, we received a call around 10 am from the facility in Pensacola, FL. They told us that we needed to come to the facility and sign paperwork for our daughter's stay there. We asked if we could sign the documents by email since it is a 3 hour drive. The facility told us that we had to sign the papers "in-person". Around 11 am, we headed out for the long drive. We were told that visitation was 4 pm-6 pm, so we planned to arrive around 4 pm and visit after signing paperwork.

We arrived around 3:45 pm and were told that the new visitation time was 5 pm-6 pm. We then sat in the lobby for over an hour before being allowed to visit. We spent the hour with our daughter and she seemed to be in a good state of mind. We then gave her a hug and headed out for the long journey home. After running into a lot of traffic, we arrived home at 10:30 pm and were exhausted.

Sunday, we went to church and received a call from our daughter later in the afternoon. She seemed to be doing ok. We told her we had some facilities we were still looking into and would follow up Monday. Today we received a call from a facility in Memphis, TN that sounds promising so far. We have a phone interview scheduled for Tuesday morning that is set to last 1 hour. If all goes well, they have an open bed for her. Our daughter is set to be released to us from Pensacola in the next day or so. If all goes well, our plan is to pick her up in Pensacola, FL and then travel from there, straight to Memphis, TN which is about an 8 hour drive. We are asking for prayers that all will go well, and that the Memphis facility will take her. She desperately needs help and we would prefer she go straight from where she is now, to the long-term facility. Coming home would likely lead to her running away again and harming herself. We appreciate all of your prayers.

My mom started a GoFund me to help us with getting our daughter the help she needs after seeing us struggle the past several months. I'm not a person who often asks for help, but even with insurance, there is a large portion that will be out of pocket and every little bit will help. Thank you. GoFundMe