His strength is made perfect in weakness

His strength is made perfect in weakness

We slept well last night knowing our daughter was safe and on her way to getting help. We had no worries about the DCF investigation that had been launched against us. We started the day hopeful that we would soon have new information and resources to help our daughter.

My youngest son and I had to go into town in the morning to run an errand. On our way home at approximately 10:30 am, my wife called and told me that the DCF investigator and a local law enforcement investigator had just arrived at our home. When I arrived home, I learned that they were there because my daughter told them that the clothes I sent with her on Saturday to the mental health facility didn't fit. She told them that they were old clothes from when she was like 8 years-old. Apparently she led them to believe she didn't have any clothes because the DCF investigator went into my daughters room to look through her clothes and asked us where the rest of her clothes were. My wife said they were in the laundry room because we had just washed everything from her room. She asked my wife to bring those clothes to the living room for her to see, so she did. After gathering some additional clothing to send to the facility, the DCF investigator asked my son to show her his room. She then asked him to show her my oldest daughters room since she was not home.

They two investigators stayed for a few hours and eventually left with additional clothing for our daughter and her sketch book to bring to her.We were a bit surprised about their visit, but glad we had the opportunity for them to see our home, adequate food and clothing we had provided for our daughter.

At approximately 4:20 pm, we received a call from Life Management. A bed had become available at Emerald Coast Behavioral and they planned to transport her there in the next few hours. At approximately 5:20 pm, my wife received a phone call from Emerald Coast Behavioral to let us know she had arrived and what to expect during her time there. They also asked if they had permission to removed our daughter's lip piercing for safety. We advised them that they could take it out and that we had not permitted her to have it. We told them that she had used a safety pin to make a hole in her lip and then used the safety pin as a piercing during the time she had run away. They also told us that they would hold her from3-5 days and then she would be released. We were again very concerned, and felt that no progress was being made with her behavior. All we can do now is wait and pray.

Lord, please show us how to help our daughter. We only want what is best for her and we know you do also. Give us wisdom during this difficult time. We know that you are in control and work everything in your perfect timing. This situation is completely out of our control, so we put our trust in you alone. Help our little girl. In Jesus name, Amen.