God is still on the throne

God is still on the throne

After a mentally exhausting day, I went to bed last night in peace knowing my daughter was safe. I asked God to visit her in her sleep, soften her heart and remove her anger.

I woke up at 6:30 am, in anticipation of a great day. We were having a men's breakfast at church and I needed some fellowship with my men's group. I had invited my 15 year-old son to come with me. We got dressed and headed out the door to find our truck had a flat. I knew this was a trick of the enemy and I was in no mood for satans tricks today. We quickly aired up the tire and headed to church. My pastor asked then men to lay hands on me and pray for me and our family. It was a great morning so far and I felt recharged after having fellowship.

I ran back to the house, picked up my wife and we headed back to church for Sunday school. We had a great time in Sunday school and the morning was going well. During church, the pastor called us up and asked the church members to lay hands on us and pray for the trial we were going through. I am so thankful for my amazing church family.

After church, my wife and I went home to walk the dog, grab some food and head to my mother-in-laws for lunch. We hadn't been at my mother-in-laws for 30 minutes when my wife received a phone call. It was an investigator from DCF who was at our home needing to speak with us. We gave her the location where we were and she said she was on our way. She said that our daughter had made some allegations of abuse and there was an investigation underway.

When the investigator arrived, she started her interviews with my wife. After about an hour, the investigator began to interview my other two teenagers one at a time. Next it was my turn and then my mother-in-law. After close to 4 hours of interviews, the investigator was done and left. All of the allegations were not true and I was not at all concerned, just hurt that my daughter would go to this length.

What will happen with our daughter next is more unclear than ever. She is still on a Baker Act, but now we have an open investigation pending. My wife and I will begin making phone calls again in the morning to further research residential care options.

Lord, I know that you are still on the throne. I know that you love my daughter even more than I do and you want what is best for her. Lord, please soften her heart and shield her from the enemy. Lord, remove the darkness from her mind and let peace and truth prevail. Let my daughter know that no matter how bad she treats me, I will always love her. Lord, give my wife and I peace over this situation, we know you are in control. In Jesus name, Amen.