Down to the wire

Down to the wire

Last week, we spent all day Thursday and Friday making call after call. Since we have exhausted the BCBS appeals process, the next step is to provide the Florida insurance team with a copy of the updated "Treatment Plan" as well as the clinical notes from the current facility for them to try and assist.  This seems like a simple task, but getting the wheels in motion has been a real challenge. My wife has completed all of the necessary forms needed to grant full access between the Florida state insurance and the facility in Tennessee. For some reason, we can't seem to get everyone to join our mission to provide the documents needed.

In just four short days , BCBS will close out their financial obligation related to our daughters care. We will then have the undivided attention of the facilities business department as they try to determine how we will pay for our daughters continued care.

We have worked so hard over the past several months to advocate for our daughters care. It seems so unfair that we have worked so hard and still can't get things worked out. I know that I have done all that I can to keep things moving forward, but as a dad, I feel like I have failed my daughter.

I will begin Monday morning working fervently to call and email all parties involved. I will not give up fighting, but I know that God sees our weary hearts and ultimately, His will shall prevail.

Lord, hear our prayers and work a mighty miracle for our daughter. In Jesus name.