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Air Holdy!

So Lately I’ve been doing something really fun with my son Holden! Well, actually I’ve been doing it for a while but lately I’ve been documenting it in a fun way.
Since he was around one years old I’ve been throwing him up in the air and catching him . . . (Obviously catching him) and it’s one of our favorite activities that we do together! He has always had the same response for the last few years after almost every toss. He giggles and squeaks out, “AGAIN!! AGAIN!!” I love doing it! I just love how much it makes him smile and get giddy.

I also used to do it to distract him when he was younger. He would be on the verge of a meltdown and I’d ask him, “do you wanna fly son?!” And it didn’t matter what else was going on or how upset he was, he would immediately get giddy and say, “fly daddy! fly daddy!” I’d toss him up in the air a few times and whatever crisis he was going through just a minute ago was forgotten and all was well in the world again!

Lately I’ve been capturing these moments and posting them online for friends and family to get a glimpse of what I get to see in him every time I throw him up! (And I’ll be sharing them on this blog as well.) I choose the shot where he is at his highest point and I try to get us making eye contact with each other – because that’s my favorite part of the experience. To see how excited he gets!

I love doing this with him because it builds trust between us. I can see in his eyes that he has zero doubt that I will catch him. . . I don’t think he can even imagine the idea of me dropping him. . . Seriously.

I love doing this with him because it helps him practice and value “play”. He definitely has his fair share of “screen-time” with Paw Patrol and the Octonauts but I want him to appreciate the feeling of playing that is so much better than any show or video game could ever be. . . and this is just one more way of helping him realize that.

I love doing this with him because he’ll never get to do anything like it ever again . . . for the rest of his life. . . I mean he might skydive or bungy jump some day (which are both awesome!) but they’re just not the same. . . To be thrown up and caught by someone is a pretty dang unique experience!

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to throw him up because of all of my years of contact sports and well, just being an old dude, but I’m gonna keep trying for as long as my back will let me! It’s just too good!