Actions have consequences

Actions have consequences

On Easter Sunday, our daughter chose to go to a short-term cool down facility for runaway teens instead of remaining in our home. She was asked by the DCF investigator if she wanted to go to a local facility for 21 days, she said "Hell yes!".

Two hours after arriving at that facility, our daughter called my wife and asked if we would come get her because she hated it there, we told her no. We contacted the DCF investigator to let her know of our daughters sudden desire to come home. She told us that our daughter must see that there are consequences for her actions. She recommended that we leave our daughter in the facility for the full 21 days. We had mixed emotions, yes we desperately wanted to have peace in our home, but our ideal situation would be to have our daughter home and all live in peace together.

Today we had a therapy session with our family therapist. We wanted to explain the events that had occurred in recent days and seek guidance in what steps would should take next. By the end of our session, the therapist was in agreement with DCF, as well as my wife and I, our daughter needed to return to a residential treatment facility. My wife and I were concerned about any setbacks that may arise if our daughter's current therapy was disrupted. The therapist was confident that the best option would be for our daughter to be admitted to a residential care facility that provided Dialectic Behavioral Treatment.

If I could go back in time and have my sweet innocent daughter back, I would. But instead, my wife and I are now faced with trying to locate another Residential Care Facility, this time here in Florida. We know that our daughter's safety is what is most important. We also need time for each member of our family to seek therapy, so that we can all once again live in peace together.

This is one of the most difficult things I have ever faced. Learning that you must separate your loved one from the family for their own safety and wellbeing is extremely difficult. I must remain focused on the fact that only by making this hard decision now, can we provide the best chance for our daughter to get well.

Lord, help us during this difficult time. Give us wisdom and direction in order to help our daughter. Lord, move in her heart, as well as her mind. Let her know we love her and want her to be well. Help us remain strong when faced with tough decisions. In Jesus name, Amen.