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After several years of praying and trying To have another child, the sweet (and surreal) moment finally came when our second boy joined our family of three, now making us “the four best friends that anybody can have!”

It was not the easiest delivery, but also not the hardest (in my wife’s words.) Our new son came into the world without any real issues during the delivery (again, in my wife’s words.)

Very much like the moment I met my first son, I was overwhelmed with emotion when our new little baby finally made his way out . . . and I lost it . . . with ugly face tears!

It’s strange because I thought I would cry. . . I was fully expecting to cry. . . But when I did cry, it Took me by surprise! . . . Just like I was taken by surprise with my first son’s birth. . . . . . But their was a very clear distinction between these two crying experiences.

For my first son I was overwhelmed with a sense of AWE!

AWE that there really was a life if my wife’s belly that whole time. AWE in the beautifully messy miracle of childbirth. AWE in my wife for what she had just done. And AWE for the reality that I was all of a sudden a dad . . . Just like that . . . And that this little life was counting on me for his survival.

For my second boy I was overwhelmed with a sense of GRATITUDE!

GRATITUDE that he had come out safely. GRATITUDE that my wife was also safe. And GRATITUDE that after all that we had been through during the previous three years, (infertility, tears, anger, miscarriages, heartache, peace, joy) God had given us another child and grown our family.

We we’re now a family of four. And are filled to the brim with GRATTITUDE for it.😌🙏🏻❤



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