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My wife is several months pregnant with our second child (a boy!) and we are obviously so dang grateful and excited!!!🙏🏻❤️

The following was something that I wrote several months ago but could not share at that time for obvious reasons. As always, I hope it can be an encouragement, or support to anyone that reads it.


May 2016

Recently Kate and I found out that she’s pregnant again and we’re both super excited! . . . But I’m also pretty tempered in my excitement.

We’ve been excited before only to be sad and devastated days later at the news of the baby not surviving.

I’m definitely happy that there is new life forming and living in my wife’s belly. . . But it’s honestly hard to be optimistic that this life will continue to grow and flourish. . . It’s not that I’m hopeless – because I am very hopeful – but there has been so much unknown. . . so much that we’ve realized we can’t control . . . so much we’ve learned about just how much of a miracle a pregnancy really is . . . and the reality that we’ve lost two babies in the last two pregnancies . . . I’m not gonna be pessimistic and expect the “worst”. . . but it’s also so difficult to do the complete opposite and expect the “best” to happen.

But instead I’m hopeful

Hopeful that no matter what happens, it’s going to be ok. . . and that God will be in the middle of it all. . . and that it will all be used for good. So many “good” things have come from the painful experiences that we’ve gone through these last few years and I believe that even more good will continue for years to come.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t desperately hoping that this baby lives a long and full life. . . But I’m also honest with myself when I say that I’m not quite ready to start dreaming of baby names and what color to paint the nursery yet.
. . . We’ll wait and see.😌🙏🏻




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