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the Foster /Adopt Journey begins

In the years leading up to our marriage, my wife and I have always envisioned that we would have more than one child, if not even more . . . so as we’ve tried really hard for the last few years for baby number two – with little success –  God has began to open our eyes and show us both very clearly to begin steps in the foster-to-adopt process . . . and simply see what could happen.

I’ve always been very open to and excited about the idea of adoption . . .  Even in my single years, that lasted well into my thirties, I always believed that if I never ended up married – a notion that I was pretty fine with – I would most likely try to adopt children and raise them as a single parent. I figured that having one caring father would be far better than having no parents at all, right?

So as we we’ve been unsuccessful these past few years the idea of adopting was very present in my mind . . . But it wasn’t really the same thinking for my wife. . . And I don’t blame her.

As I said earlier , she has always felt like she would have several children naturally . . .  and because of that, she really wanted to continue to focus her hope and energy on trying for another child naturally. . .

It was like considering the adoption path would make our inability to have another child naturally . . . more final. . . It wouldn’t be like we were giving up on trying . . . but rather that we were accepting the reality that it just might not be in God’s plan for us.

But after time, a switch flipped in my my wife’s thinking almost immediately . . . That’s her story to share . . . but I will just say that one day she was not really ready to go there yet . . . And the next day she was giving me all the information that she called and searched for about the foster/adopt process.

So we were now on this exciting new journey, filling out the proper paperwork, talking to close friends about their foster/adopt experiences, and we’ve just completed our 29 hours of training . . . The only thing we have left to do is our home inspections and personal interviews!

We don’t know exactly what’s in store for us, but we’re both very excited and prayerful to see how we might be used to shower a child/children with love for a short time while their parents are trying to get healthy . . .  or possibly, . . .  How we might eventually welcome one of them into our family for good .

We’ll see! 🙏🏻


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