About This Dad

Hello everyone, I’m Mark!!  I’m married to an amazing woman and we have two boys. Our oldest will be five in April and our youngest was born only a few weeks ago! . . . So I’m still pretty new at this fatherhood thing!  Along my journey as a father I’ve gleaned a lot of great advice from good friends and family . . . and of course from my awesome wife! . . . And like most dads I’ve also had to just make my best educated guess and hope for the best! It’s been a great, fun, difficult, energizing, tiring, satisfying ride so far.

My blog will definitely act as a compository for things that I don’t want to forget about my journey as a dad . . . but I also hope it’s helpful and offers value to readers – or why post it out to the world?! I hope that it can be helpful to other dads (or moms) as a resource, encouragement, or reminder that you are not alone and to keep trying to engage your kids and be the best dad you can be for them! . . . And always remember that Dadhood is an awesome journey to be on!

Much love!